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To take social and environmental responsibility is a constant work in progress for us at Hermelin that is under continuous development. We strive to always get better, both as an employer, customer and supplier. We carefully choose the partners and suppliers we work with and we continually review our processes from purchasing to waste, transports and use of disposable packaging etc and always trying to find practices and routines that contribute to a sustainable development.

Below you can see some of the organizations we support.


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to collecting money to prevent and combat cancer diseases in children. They ooperate exclusively on the basis of donations from individuals and the private sector, and receives no grants from the national government, the municipalities or the county councils.

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Team Utan Gränser in favor of Doctor's Without Borders

Team Utan Gränser is an association of cyclists from different parts of Sweden and various bike clubs that practice and race together in favor of Doctor’s Without Borders. In 2015, the team gathered SEK 170,000 to Doctors Without Borders and in 2016, the goal is even higher. The team 2016 consists of about 70 cyclists from around the country.

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Aktiv skola 
The foundation Aktiv Skola takes a broad view of one of today's most important issues - the school, and focuses on four areas: environment, victimization, health and drugs. If you want to create a better school, you can not ignore those areas that are inextricably linked with the acquisition of knowledge and students' opportunities for positive development. Unfortunately, these issues are often neglected because of economic priorities, therefore we have experts in each area and can provide educational material to all Swedish schools at no costs.

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Giving People

Giving People is an relief organization that works to counteract the economic deprivation and child poverty that exists in Sweden.
The organization wants through their work:
- Help families with children living in economic vulnerability.
- Prevent families to fall into financial vulnerability.
- Combat exclusion and inequality.
- Affect society such as schools and associations by highlighting and talk about child poverty.
- Create a debate on child poverty and influence the ruling politicians.

SOS Children's Villages christmas donation 2015 / 2016
SOS Children's Villages is on the children's side. For over sixty years they have seen it as their task to help the most vulnerable children. Today they run children's villages in 134 countries and territories where orphaned or abandoned children can get a new home. They also work preventative, to stop children from being orphaned.

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