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Organic and small-scale coffee
Our next generation's future is always in mind when we deliver and serve coffee. We try to contribute and support in large and small, from global to local level. It could be an organization we believe in, a football cup or a unique coffee cup produced from natural materials. When you drink a product from Kaffefabriken, you can always trust that it is organic.
Our coffee is roasted by a curious local roaster. It is as far from large-scale industrial coffee as you can get. The organic coffee berries are picked when ripe and not after a set date. Each coffee berry contains two beans that are roasted in small batches, adapted to the coffee's unique flavor profile. This means that every cup of coffee has a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and fullness.
Kaffefabriken is part of Hermelin, a company with ancestry and tradition. Through Hermelin's long experience in delivering and serving the best coffee machines in the market and the Coffee Factory's passion for coffee, you get the best of both worlds. Technology and passion in a wonderful combination.

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