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Dalla Corte

In 1947, Bruno Dalla Corte is an enthusiastic young man who starts working as a technician at the Cimbali espresso machine Company. In the 50's, Bruno gains La Faema group owner's trust and works on the creation of E61 espresso machine. In the 60's, Bruno manages a series of autonomous technical support centres, but his creative mind keeps working tirelessly and later devises the innovative steam circulation technology – that is when La Spaziale espresso machine is produced at ABA factories in Bologna. Bruno and his son Paolo will work there together for many years. 
A new, thrilling adventure starts in 2001! Paolo, his father Bruno and his sister Elsa found a new company – Dalla Corte. Revolutionising and evolving – this why they want to stand out from the crowd. Evolution is the only espresso machine in the world using the original multi-boiler technology. And Dalla Corte invented it.
Dalla Corte have always valued creativity! In the world of baristas, genius best shines in the engaging scene of international competitions. They have sponsored the World Latte Art Championship for 8 years and have been involved in the thrilling World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship since its first edition. A choice that has made Dalla Corte feel strong emotions and meet wonderful people.