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  • Mahlkönig Kenia Kaffekvarn | Hermelin Handels

    Mahlkönig Kenia copper

  • Mahlkönig Kenia gold

    Mahlkönig Kenia gold

  • Mahlkönig Kenia detail

    Mahlkönig Kenia detail

Mahlkönig Kenia

Article Number: 304506

Mahlkönig Kenia is small and powerful which makes it suitable for extensive use in coffee shops, depots and at coffee roasters. It’s also available as self-service version. Bags are simply clamped into the bag holder – no need to hold bags during the grinding process. The cleaning of the spout is simply done with the bag holder. Grind adjustment to the desired fineness is easily done by turning the grind adjustment knob.

   Grinding discs Ø 65mm

price: 2 212 €

(VAT excluded)

Dimensions in mm (BxDxH): 220x330x620
Watt: 220-240 volt 50/60Hz
Grinding discs: 65 mm diameter
Weight: 18 kg
Grinding capacity: 500-700 g/min
Hopper: 500 g