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Marco Beverage Systems
  • Marco Maxibrew Twin

    Marco Maxibrew Twin

  • Marco Maxibrew

    Marco Maxibrew

Marco Maxibrew Twin

Article Number: 1000465

Marco Maxibrew Twin is Marco's largest boiler-brewer, with excellence in coffee, made in an attractive design for prestigious locations. Stainless steel construction. Half and full brew feature. Separate hot water tap and two coffee taps. Easy to operate. 

Ideal for high volume coffee requirements e.g hotels, banquetting and large canteens.

      Cups per hour: 529

      Full brew 2x12 liters


price: 7 323 €

(VAT excluded)

Power@230V: 8,4kW
Full brew: 2x12 l
Cups per hour: 529
Immediate draw off (hot water): 8,5 l
Output per hour (hot water): 84 l
Cups per hour (hot water): 467
Dimensions: 850x850x650mm
Weight: 50 kg