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  • Milk pitcher red 0,35 liters

    Milk pitcher red 0,35 liters

  • Milk pitcher red 0,6 liters

    Milk pitcher red 0,6 liters

Pitcher Red

Non stick pitcher in red for frothing milk. This white 0,35 and 0,6 liters milk pitcher is coated in a non-stick coat, that enables the milk after being heated, to be easily rinsed off in running water. No more layers of milk stuck on the inside of the pitcher. The Teflon is hard wearing and durable.These are especially great if you have a busy cafe and not much time clean your pitchers between servings, just a quick rinse or wipe with damp cloth and you're ready to go again. Not only functional, they also look very cool!

Pitcher Red Models

Article Number


Pitcher Red 0,35lMilk pitcher red 0,35 liters 409
Price : 24 €
Pitcher Red 0,6lPitcher Red 0,6l 410*
Price : 28 €

Size: 0,35 / 0,6 liters