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  • Hollowick 35C

    Hollowick 35C

  • Hollowick 35S

    Hollowick 35S

  • Hollowick 35C och 700

    Hollowick 35C och 700

  • Hollowick 35SC och 500

    Hollowick 35SC och 500

Hollowick Bubble Glass Globl, clear

Article Number: 35C

All Cocktail-lamps are compatible with HD36 disposable fuel cells or multi-use fuel cells.

Cocktail-lamps are a combination of lamp globes and lamp bases.




Article Number


Hollowick Bubble Glass Globl, clearHollowick 35C 35C
Ordinary package price: 134 €
Hollowick Cocktail, globe smokeHollowick Cocktail, globe smoke 35S
Ordinary package price: 201 €