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  • Bestmax Taste X

    Bestmax Taste X

  • Bestmax V Filter

    Bestmax V Filter

  • Bestmax L Filter

    Bestmax L Filter

  • Bestmax XL Filter

    Bestmax XL Filter

  • Bestmax filterhuvud

    Bestmax filterhuvud

  • Bestmax flushventil

    Bestmax flushventil

Bestmax Water filter

Water filter for coffee machines, espresso machines and hot water boilers.

Bestmax Water filter Models

Article Number

Bestmax Filter Besttaste XBestmax Taste X 428123000
Bestmax V FilterBestmax V Filter 428121115
Bestmax L FilterBestmax L Filter 428121130
Bestmax XL FilterBestmax XL Filter 428121140
Bestmax M FilterBestmax M Filter 428121120
Bestmax 2XL FilterBestmax 2XL Filter 428121160
Mounting kit Bestfilter typ 2Mounting kit Bestfilter typ 2 656525569