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  • Ugolini A 12 dryckesmaskin | Hermelin Handels

    Ugolini A12

  • Ugolini A bowl

    Ugolini A bowl

  • Ugolini A12 and A19

    Ugolini A12 and A19

  • Ugolini A19

    Ugolini A19

Ugolini A 12/19

Counter top dispenser for cooling and dispensing natural fruit juices. Designed with special technical features that guarantee that drinks are perfectly stirred. All the parts that come into contact with the drink can be easily and quickly dismantled for perfect cleaning. Food-grade, shockproof polycarbonate bowl with 12 or 19 litre capacity.

    Containers: 1

    For cool drinks


Ugolini A 12/19 Models

Article Number

Ugolini A 12Ugolini A 12 dryckesmaskin | Hermelin Handels 480155-000
Ugolini A 19Ugolini A 19 490155-000

Volume: 12 liters
Power: 230/1/50 +J / 0,300kW
Dimensions (BxDxH) mm: 340x380x650

Volume: 19 liter
Power: 230/1/50 +J 
Dimensions (BxDxH) mm: 350x380x713