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  • Hollowick Easy Heat

    Hollowick Easy Heat

  • Easy Heat

    Easy Heat

Hollowick Easy Heat

Article Number: EZ6-3-8

Hollowick's EASY HEAT® Adjustable Wick Chafing Fuel is the only choice for your Chafing Fuel Needs. 24 pcs/pkg.

Better Burner: Patented wick and twin flame burner produces maximum heat output. Controllable, uniform and consistent. Unlike a gel fuel, the flame is always at the same height above the can.

Safe: With Easy Heat, all the fuel is sealed in its container. The wick is the only thing that burns. Cans do not get hot, making Easy Heat safer to handle than a gel fuel. Placing cans directly on the tabletop is no longer an issue. 

Effecient and Economical: One standard can of EZ 6-3-8 will provide the same burn time as THREE (3) cans of gel fuel, saving you labor and significantly reduces inventory and waste. Easy Heat is also less expensive to use than gel chafing fuels when comparing costs per burn hour.

    6, 3 or 8 hours

Hollowick Easy Heat

Easy Heat High Performance Chafing Fuel

Dimensioner: H60 x Ø86 / Height does not include burner assembly