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  • WMF 150 F

    WMF 150 F

  • WMF 150 F back

    WMF 150 F back

  • WMF 150 F side

    WMF 150 F side

  • WMF 150 F

    WMF 150 F

WMF 150 F

Article Number: 6415.0001

The WMF 150 F is a classic paper-filter coffee machine, and is the ideal entry-level coffee machine for the best filter coffee. Whether as a “stand alone” coffee machine or as accessory for a WMF speciality machine, the WMF 150 F is your perfect choice! The design is perfectly in tune with coffee machines of the new generation and is the ideal extension of the WMF 8000 S or the WMF 1500 S. 

With an output of 144 cups per hour, the WMF 150 F is the perfect appliance for small to medium filter coffee needs. It can be turned to any task, whether breakfast service, refreshments for parties, conferences or day-to-day office requirements. The WMF150F is easy to use: insert the filter-paper, add the coffee grounds, pre-select the volume – done.


     144 cups/hour


Power: 230V, 10amp, 1.7-2.3kW

Water tank: 2.2 liter

BxDxH: 220x540-560x528mm

Outtake per hour: up to 144 cups