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  • Bonamat Aurora

    Bonamat Aurora

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Aurora Single High (Aurora SGH) brews filter coffee directly into a portable dispenser. The touchscreen is easy to use, especially when you use the pre-set programmes: mild, regular and dark roast.

However, the Aurora units allow professionals to optimise every setting of the brewing process such as water temperature, coffee-water ratio, pre-wet and brewing time. If you want to create homemade blends or if you serve single-origin coffees, this feature might be of particular interest. Additionally you can use the water bypass.

- The Aurora brews 5,7 litres in less than 15 minutes.
- The spray head brings out the best aromatic flavours.
- The Aurora brews coffee in four volumes: 1.9 (Airpot), 2, 3 and 5 litres.
- RFID cards make it easy to exchange settings between the Aurora units.
- The Aurora registers day and cumulative counter data.
- The Aurora meets the high quality SCAE Gold Cup standard for filter coffee.
- The 2.2 L Airpot Furento fits under the hot water tap.

The thermos dispenser Aurora is not included. You can order the container separately.


price: 2 846 €

(VAT excluded)

Capacity: 1x5,7 L (45 koppar) 
Water tank: 5l
Capacity per hour 230V: 31 L (250 koppar)
230V 50/60Hz: 3000W
Brewtime: 6-15 minuter 2 (10l)
Size (bxdxh): 340x595x815 mm
Water connection: Yes