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Marco Beverage Systems
  • Marco JET 6

    Marco JET 6

  • Marco JET och FCG kvarn

    Marco JET och FCG kvarn

Marco JET

Batches of 2.0 to 6.0 litres coffee. SCAE Gold Cup coffee quality. Operator-friendly touch-screen interface. Can automatically control grinder slave. Portion control of water and coffee amounts. Precision water volume and temperature. Minimised footprint. Built-in cup-well. Best-in-class energy efficiency. Sleek front-of-house design. Versatile deployment (grinder, manual, or pack). Reduced operator error. Hot water dispense.

    Brew capacity: 6 liters

    Cup per hour: 189


Marco JET Models

Article Number


Marco JET 6, 5.6kWMarco JET 6 1000851
Price : 2 807 €
Marco JET 6, 2.8kWMarco JET 6, 2.8kW 1000850
Price : 2 807 €

Marco Jet 6

Marco JET is a new industry standard. Marco JET combines modern design with convincing brewing qualities and technological innovation.

Dimensions in mm (BxDxH): 303x444x810
Watt: 220-230, 2.8kW 
Weight: 24 kg
Brew Capacity: 2-6 liter