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  • Barista kit

    Barista kit

Barista starter kit

Article Number: Startpaket/Espresso

We have gathered the most important accessories for your espresso machine in a barista kit. The starter kit contains one Barista Tamper 58mm, one Robusta tamper mat, one stick thermometer, two milk jugs (0.3 and 0.6 liters) and a knockbox.

The Barista tamper is made for professional use. The Barista is the only die cast, hollow base stainless steel tamper on the market. It is perfectly balanced and has a comfortable weight of about 250 grams.

Robusta Silicone tamping mat is a good and durable tamping mat made from 3 mm Food-Safe Silicone. It's round, small and thin and fits perfectly in home kitchens or smaller bars or cafes. 140mm in diameter.

Thermometer to be clipped on a pitcher or kettle. It's a classic thermometer stick but with a rubber top. It comes with a clip for attaching to a pitcher or to be removed when placing through the knob of a kettle.

The milk pitchers are coated in a non-stick coat, that enables the milk after being heated, to be easily rinsed off in running water. The Teflon is hard wearing and durable.

Stainless steel knockbox with rubber bar which both absorbs sound and is highly durable. Air vents to prevent coffee residual going mouldy. Ideal for high end use in cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels.