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  • Mahlkönig VTA 6S

    Mahlkönig VTA 6S

Mahlkönig VTA 6S

VTA 6S is Mahlkönigs most powerful shop grinder. Superb coffee quality because of extra fine and homogeneous grinding – as well for espresso and Turkish quality. Cool grinding due to integrated motor cooling or additional ventilation as an option.

High speed and reliable grinding up to 2750 g per minute. Classic Mahlkönig design, symbolises quality and consistency. Grinder housing varnished in any colour.

Different grinding discs for regular coffee, espresso and Turkish available. Fast removable upper part allows easy cleaning. Large hopper. Raised outlet height and ventilation. Tungsten carbide discs offer up to ten times longer life time. Also available in self-service version.

   Grinding discs Ø 120mm


Mahlkönig VTA 6S Models

Article Number


Mahlkönig VTA 6SWMahlkönig VTA 6S 304539
Price : 5 477 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6SMahlkönig VTA 6S 304605
Price : 5 171 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6SH SilverMahlkönig VTA 6SH Silver 304589
Price : 8 153 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6SH copperMahlkönig VTA 6SH copper 304579
Price : 8 605 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6STMahlkönig VTA 6ST 304583
Price : 5 233 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6STH TurkishMahlkönig VTA 6STH Turkish 304580
Price : 7 912 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6S HMVCMahlkönig VTA 6S HMVC 308045
Price : 9 734 €
Mahlkönig VTA 6S BlackMahlkönig VTA 6S Black 103868
Price : 5 171 €

Dimensions in mm (BxDxH): 370x380x630 (HMVC: 370x380x780)
Watt: 400V 50 Hz (6SW: 230V/50Hz)
Grinding discs: 120 mm diameter
Weight: 42 kg (HMVC: 45 kg)
Grinding capacity: 2500-2750 g/min
Hopper capacity: 1 kg (HMVC: 3 kg)